I started 421 TRAX to solve several problems.  Our parent company, ICR Advertising, began producing TV shows.  We have a friend in the music business who has been very successful and produced some cool instrumental albums.  I asked him if we could use his tracks on our first show and he said we could in an email.  We credited him on the show.  Our TV programs are on after we air them on TV.  During our first season, it worked fine but then through advancing technology could see that the artist’s tracks had a copyright.   They began to delete the shows even though we provided them with the email giving us permission. 

   We then needed to either buy music or produce our own.   Music is just too expensive for a smaller business.  We began to create 421 TRAX and never looked back.  It is our joy and passion to produce this music and we wanted to help everyone who might need music for a project.  College students with projects and those who love to make videos love 421 TRAX.  You can have countless tracks at your disposal for 42 dollars and 10 cents per year.  Less than a night on the town.