The founding members of 421 TRAX have a long time radio and television background.  We started making the tracks because of how expensive it is to buy music for our advertising clients.  We have always been musicians so it made great sense.  We also keep to a rule of thumb when building the tracks.  Most 421 TRAX are constructed to provide multiple cuts of the same track for prospective clients when using it on air.  The first 30 seconds for the track may be just rhythm while the second 30 seconds has a new instrument or a lead.

   This allows a cool dynamic of using the same song for different commercials with the same melody which has slight variations.  It allows a small town merchant to have the image of having multiple versions of his or her “song”.  Some 421 TRAX are stand-alone 2-minute tracks also.  The website 421trax.com is fun to use.  You can go to a certain category and narrow your search.  You could, for example, go to Country and filter it by selecting a mood.  Love, abstract, let’s party etc.  It can be a time saver.